Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rest in Peace, little Wilson

Yesterday I came home after work to discover one of my guinea pigs has passed away. It's ironic because before I left for the day I thought about the fact that even though Wilson had been doing so well after a few close calls we had, he would never be the same as he used to be, and that I wouldn't have been surprised if he didn't live much longer.

We waited until after dark to sneak out behind my apartment complex to dig a grave. I wore my plaid poncho, for some reason it felt appropriate, and we went far enough into the weeds that we discovered a secret garden! Unsure of whether it belonged to another tenant or the groundskeeper, we were just happy to find full sized shovels lying around the garden as my garden spade was proving to be useless. We buried Wilson off to the side, a respectable distance from the garden, and we plan to spray paint a large, flat stone to put on top. Justin said he'll be happy to be close to his favorite vegetables by the garden.

I made this quick illustration with him in mind. Rest in Peace Wilson, thank you for being there for your brother, and I hope there are carrots wherever you are.

"Wilson" 2009-2012

A few hours later...

Amazing what a difference one texture can make on an image. I tried a wood texture rather than a fabric knit and this is how it turned out. I might even like it better. Which do you like better?


  1. I'm so sorry you lost Wilson. It's very sad :(
    I love this illustration of's so sweet! I love both versions, but I think I prefer the one with the blue background--it's more heavenly.
    Hope things are fine on Grand Island (I am originally from WNY )

    1. Oh thank you! Grand Island is grand, I'm originally from Medina (*crickets chirping*), so needless to say I haven't strayed very far yet although I don't plan on staying in WNY forever...hopefully not for much longer than a couple years. 3/4 of the year as winter gets old eventually :P