Monday, November 12, 2012


It's not Toonsday, but I felt the need to pull a comic out of my archive today. It clearly depicts my attitudes towards the fast food industry and that is, I could care less how bad it is for you...the force that drives my car to McDonalds when I'm cravin' their fries is stronger than any that an article or documentary about the fast food industry could hold off.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lacking Momentum

Really missing illustrating right now, as well as Illustration Friday. After finally closing on the house, all of my evenings have been devoted to turning our lower into a home. Now we're left with a pile of drywall scratching our heads wondering where to begin!

For small updates on more art-related things, I have rather exciting news! After hours of going back and forth with the rep from Channel 4, my commercial is finally airing several times on both Channel 4 as well as CW! For those of you that don't know, I work at an advertising company as the art director, and these past two weeks have been crazy after we decided to buy commercial ad space. I was sent back to my roots to wipe dust from Adobe Flash and animate a 15 second spot for our company.

All of this has been very fun, however it reminds me of why I started to put myself away from Animation after receiving my degree at Edinboro: Animation is so stressful! I had a small moment of breakdown similar to ones during my final semester at college where I went into the bathroom, let out a few tears, then composed myself to return to my office desk to complete the task.

On a lighter note, I'm completing a children's coloring book to be sold for the Christmas season. As a way of giving back to my hometown, I am helping create a coloring book about Medina, NY. It tells the story of how Medina is decorated by three elves that visit every year, and highlights Medina-famous places and landmarks that make Medina...well...Medina.

Pics to follow, I am terribly sorry that this post is so lame-looking and lacking in photos.