Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Little Thursday Choo-Choo

I finally opened the pigknit etsy shop! Right now there are crickets chirping as I only have a couple pieces listed, but that's just a matter of uploading new art. Check it out!

House-buying is quite the process. Faxing, signing, faxing, initialing, mailing, inspecting, faxing. Our closing date was originally Sept 28, and we were hoping to get early occupancy.'s the 20th and we're still not closed. Now I'm just hoping we actually close by our closing date!

Two friends of mine are coming over so I'm making lasagna tomorrow.
Oh by the way, I drew a train:

Why yes, it was as fun to draw as it did you know?

It had originally began as a doodle in my sketch book that I ended up liking enough to digitize. The zebra was an after-thought, but I'm glad I put him in because this train was lacking in zebra.

I'm so anxious to find out what tomorrow's Illustration Friday theme is...I wasn't feeling this week's theme quite so much. Normally if I'm going to get an idea from it I'll get it within 5 minutes of reading the theme so if I don't get it by then I forget about it entirely until it's suddenly Thursday before the next week's theme is out so...

Another random note: It's gettin' cooler over here in Buffalo. I heard on the radio that because this Summer was so dry, this Fall is going to be disappointingly bland in color. Lame. Anyone else excited for changing seasons?

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