Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Common WNY Misconception

This is a common occurrence to those of us living in the Buffalo area of New York. When on vacation or out of town, people will often ask where you're from out of common curiosity. When we reply "New York", it's automatically assumed that we're from NYC. This is normally followed by a big let down when we have to break the news that we actually aren't from the city...and that actually the area we are from is quite lame on almost all levels. 

Sorry for the mix-up kids...

Sometimes I think that if I didn't grow up around here but chose to move here after graduating, I might actually like it more. Buffalo's a great city, but when you grow up an hour away, then go to college in a different state, then return to roughly that same area after graduating, I can't help but wonder how many people think I've "moved back home" because there's a big difference here.

It's almost as if it's programmed into my brain that "returning to your home area" is the same as "never leaving home" which translates to failure of sorts. I'll be in Buffalo for at least a couple more years, for multiple reasons (good job, new house, Justin's good job), but this is most definitely not a permanent situation. 

Why? Because ploppy-sloppy-wet-drippy-cold-icky snow is wonderful for December and January, but once April rolls around and I'm still brushing it off my car...it gets a little old.

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