Monday, March 4, 2013

IF: Talent

This week's theme should be anxious because that's all that I am today! I just got an email confirming my registration for the annual SCBWI conference in my region this Saturday. I've never been to one so I'm very nervous/excited/anxious/curious/adfgefxsrh.

Anyone have any ideas for something I can get printed quickly to bring instead of business cards? I literally joined SCBWI last wednesday and signed up for the conference Friday so I am totally unprepared because I had been holding off making business cards until my website is finished coding. Business cards and post cards can't be made in 4 days so I'm limited to some other option...

My drawing for Illustration Friday was inspired by my growing desire for warmer weather. I love when Easter's around the corner and all I can do is picture little bunnies hopping around in my head..