Monday, August 12, 2013

I won!

Short story shorter I take a hula hooping class, and my hoop instructor posted a Facebook contest. "Whoever can draw me my best hula hoop castle with rainbows, dragons, turrets, and hoops wins a free hula hoop!"

Um, duh! Of course I got in on that! 

I've been listening to piano Christmas music all day today, but that's beside the point..

Anyhoo, I drew a castle and had a blast! I entered my drawing and found out today that I won! I get to pick up my spanky new hoop tonight! I feel electric. 

I also finished my wedding invites, which will be printed tonight and sent out shortly after. One more step towards tying the knot! My 2nd bridal shower was this past Saturday, so thankfully I'm officially done awkwardly opening presents while everyone stares and takes pictures. *whew* 

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