Monday, May 7, 2012


A friend asked me to draw a comic for his girlfriend's grad school graduation cake this week. Challenge accepted! Should be easy and only take an hour, I already have the idea of what to draw and that's the hard part!

Why must Monday's drag on like this? I'm in one of those weird funk kinda days where you really want to draw but you try and you just can't, its like there's something wrong with my hand. Perhaps if I were able to listen to some music that might help...

Here's another oldie comic from sometime ago. I suppose it's appropriate that I was talking about graduation cakes, because I drew this during my last month of undergrad.

College Stress 101: To avoid the overwhelming end-of-the-semester feeling hanging over you, try breaking large tasks into smaller, more doable ones. Although overall this technique will prove to be pointless, you will at least feel like you accomplished something out of every day ; )

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