Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Royal Flush

When someone asks me to "draw me!" or says "ooo I want one too!" I usually get a pang of worry where my sincere gratitude and flattery is supposed to be. Why? Because I know already from the second they ask me that I am most likely not going to do that for them.

It's not that I wouldn't love to, I just don't have enough time as it is do to all the things I like to do, especially when I know that they will want me to do it for free because we're pals and all. So what do I do? I don't make promises, that's for sure. I tell them the drawing has to come to me if I'm going to do one for someone else that's just a random sketch, and here is an example. 

About a month ago I was at a party at my friend's parents' house. In her bathroom, I saw little illustrations of a small child/toddler sitting on a toilet. After leaving the bathroom I said "I hope someday someone will want to buy my illustrations just so they can hang them in their bathroom." and she told me if I drew her a picture, she'd hang it in her bathroom.

And so I did. Besides...she invited me to a get-together for her birthday last weekend and I had to blow it off because I live an hour away and went to a concert that I had already bought tickets for prior to my invitation. 

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