Monday, May 21, 2012

Law School

I have recently been asked to do a drawing for a friend who has just graduated from Law School this past weekend. We threw a surprise party for her, and she's a big fan of my comics so I drew one for her that actually ended up not only on the cake but on a framed print as well. I've been waiting until after the surprise party ended to finally feel safe enough to post the drawing, so, without further ado..

And on the cake:

She loved it, and I had a great time making it! No, I did not make the cake. My cakes are disasters, this cake was baked carefully by an engineer friend who happened to enjoy making fun cakes as a hobby. And yes, it was delicious. 

I'm still working to start messing around with watercolors. It's one of those things (like sewing) where I'm really anxious to have the free time to do it, and then when I finally have the free time I don't feel like dragging out all the supplies and making a mess. Usually when I finally have the free time I end up finding myself doing dishes or laundry, so I guess it really isn't free time after all, is it?

I need more hours in the day.

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