Tuesday, March 27, 2012

April Sweepstakes

My apologies for being extremely delayed with posting. Perhaps every day is too much?

I wish I had a few extra hours each day where I could just fiddle in Photoshop for fun. I spend all day at work in Photoshop doing work things and want to draw illustrations for Illustration Friday, but by the time I get home and finish all my cooking and cleaning there's only an hour or so left in the day that I like to devote to other things like reading or tv. Also, I leave my wacom at work most of the time. Partly  because I don't like bringing it back and forth since it syncs weird with my pc at work sometimes, and partly because the computer at home doesn't have a nice big desk with lots of room for me to sprawl my elbows out. I'm more or less cramped between the keyboard and our printer.

One can dream..

So it feels like it was just February and I was posting the sweepstakes page I made for the month of March, and now here I am posting the sweepstakes page for the month of April. This months' theme is "pick-your-prize", so I went with the whole April showers bring May flowers vibe, and really I just wanted to play with paper-cut outs in Photoshop.

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