Thursday, March 8, 2012

Illustration Friday: Intention

Well I'm not going to have enough time to finish this, so I'm handing in a work in progress. My intention is to post the finished piece asap. I'm not happy with the colors at all so far but I was waiting until I filled in everything else before I messed with the colors in case I change my mind.

Her intention that afternoon was to spend quality time with her grandson.

On a different note, Justin and I pre-ordered our iPad 3 last night! Woop Woop! It says it will deliver on March 16th, and thus the countdown begins...


  1. Love the scary Grandma! Very funny piece!

    1. oh thank you! I really wish I had the time to finish it before entering it. I need a good solid hour of working on it to start getting it going somewhere and then I'll be motivated to finish it again, right now I'm already itching to start something new because I'm not looking forward to all of the shading and color-fixing left! haha