Friday, March 16, 2012

My iPad 3 Is On Its Way!!

I'm very excited today because my iPad 3 is expect to arrive at the end of the day. I've never owned an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone, so this is kind of a first for me with touch-screen-smartie-devices.

This week's topic on Illustration Friday is "shades", I have an idea but I need to think more on my execution. I drew a comic yesterday about my frustrations at self-checkout lanes in grocery stores. Even though there is a designated spot to stand and wait for a self checkout machine to open up, I've noticed that people start to hover over my machine because they see that I've started paying. That drives me nuts! I'm not done yet! I usually don't even put any of my things in my bag until I'm done paying, so then I feel all pressured when they're standing there waiting and I'm scrambling to put my debit card away and pack up my things. Patience people...

Awkward Moments At Tops, #1 - Self Checkout

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